Table 2

Multivariable model showing the odds of the composite outcome (TIA, stroke or death) within 90 days

VariableUnitsOR (95% CI)P values
Anticoagulant timingEarlyReference
Late1.17 (0.48 to 2.84)0.736
Premorbid mRSPer point1.48 (1.16 to 1.90)0.002
CHA2DS2VASCPer point1.21 (0.92 to 1.58)0.169
DOAC medication on dischargeVKAReference
DOAC1.29 (0.64 to 2.59)0.475
  • DOAC, direct oral anticoagulant; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; TIA, transient ischaemic attack; VKA, vitamin K agonist.