Table 2

Regions of significant differences in quantitative diffusion imaging parameters between ALS and control (CTL) groups

Contiguous anatomical regions within clusterMNI coordinate (x, y, z)t-ValueK (size)Pclusterlevel FWE-corr
 Right cerebral cortex, precentral gyrus11, −25, 605.8515 344<0.001
 Right cerebral WM, corticospinal tract22, −22, 465.69
 Right posterior limb of the internal capsule23, −12, 75.21
 Left posterior limb of the internal capsule−24, −11, 126.2314 005<0.001
 Left cerebral WM, corticospinal tract−13, −28, 585.32
 Left superior corona radiata−20, −20, 414.91
 Right precentral gyrus32, 5, 273.8918470.014
 Right precentral gyrus25, −1, 443.60
 Right anterior internal capsule21, 9, 213.59
 Right caudate, lateral ventricle11, 18, 43.4529600.006
 Right anterior corona radiata20, 23, 193.39
 Right genu of corpus callosum8, 25, 83.30
 Right precentral gyrus15, −23, 665.104097<0.001
 Right cerebral corticospinal tract26, −23, 494.36
 Right superior corona radiata18, −21, 424.19
 Left cerebral WM, corticospinal tract−15, −23, 675.2528770.002
 Left cerebral cortex, precentral gyrus−21, −18, 70
−18, −15, 59
 Right pons, corticospinal tract7, −26, −375.1123090.006
 Right brainstem, corticospinal tract3, −34, −475.10
 Left pons, corticospinal tract−7, −23, −364.69
 Left superior corona radiata−24, −19, 354.7833150.048
 Left posterior limb of the internal capsule−18, −15, 3
−20, −17, 14
  • The table shows the anatomical regions where significant changes were demonstrated on whole brain analysis in neurite density index (NDI), orientation dispersion index (ODI), isotropic compartment (ISO), fractional anisotropy (FA), and mean diffusivity (MD). A statistical significance threshold of p<0.05 family-wise error (FWE) correction at the cluster level (Pcluster) was used, after clusters were formed with an uncorrected p<0.001. Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) coordinates were used to define the anatomical location of each cluster of voxels within the MRI volume. The MNI coordinates refer to the peak t-value. Local maxima that are more than 8 mm apart are shown for each cluster. K indicates the size of the cluster in voxels.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; WM, white matter.