Table 6

Association and rate ratio of gadolinium lesions count by allergy type

VariableEstimateLesion count rate ratio95% CIP values
Any allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.6031.8280.853 to 3.9180.1210
 Adjusted*0.4041.4970.695 to 3.2230.3026
Environmental allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.4421.5550.696 to 3.4760.2817
 Adjusted*0.1041.1200.483 to 2.5520.8064
Food allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted1.0372.8221.060 to 7.5100.0378
 Adjusted*0.8102.2480.822 to 6.1540.1147
Drug allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.4931.6370.668 to 4.0120.2817
 Adjusted*0.3531.4240.556 to 3.6420.4613
  • *The multivariate model adjusted for sex, age at symptom onset, disease category (progressive vs relapsing), and percentage of time on disease modifying therapy. Disease duration was used as the offset parameter.

  • NKA, no known allergy.