Table 3

Association and rate ratio of cumulative number of attacks by allergy type

VariablesEstimateRelapse rate ratio95% CIP values
Any allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.19661.217(1.031 to 1.437)0.0204
 Adjusted*0.11651.124(0.959 to 1.317)0.1497
Environmental allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.18921.208(1.008 to 1.448)0.0407
 Adjusted*0.12111.129(0.948 to 1.345)0.1754
Food allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.32011.377(1.095 to 1.732) 0.0062
 Adjusted*0.24231.274(1.023 to 1.587) 0.0305
Drug allergy vs NKA
 Unadjusted0.15881.172(0.977 to 1.407)0.0879
 Adjusted*0.09181.096(0.918 to 1.308)0.3086
  • *The multivariate model adjusted for sex, age at symptom onset, race (non-white vs white), disease category (progressive vs relapsing), and percentage of time on disease-modifying therapy. Disease duration was used as the offset parameter.

  • NKA, no known allergy.