Table 4

Whole-brain voxel-based morphometry (grey matter volume)

Smoothing (FWHM)FWE-correction levelPeakClusterCorrelations
Memory scoresGM volumes
tx (mm)y (mm)z
kE (nvox)Structurerp-corr
4 mmPeak5.90−25−16−22197L HPC head0.370.225L HPC head – R body: r=0.61, p-corr=0.002
L – R HPC head: r=0.64, p-corr=0.002
R HPC head – body: r=0.82, p-corr<0.0001
5.7537−27−1136R HPC body0.100.986
5.5731−13−1761R HPC head0.150.986
Cluster size5.90−25−16−222156L HPC head/body0.320.424R-L HPC: r=0.64, p-corr=0.005
R HPC – R Thal: r=0.54, p-corr=0.035
Rest of p-corr>0.15
5.7537−27−112721R HPC head/body0.03>0.999
5.2219−2853085R Thal0.340.424
4.74-2−39402086L/R PCC/PrCu−0.02>0.999
8 mmPeak5.3832−15−16592R HPC head/body0.350.267R-L HPC: r=0.65, p-corr=0.0006
R HPC – R Thal: r=0.55, p-corr=0.006
L HPC – R Thal: r=0.46, p-corr=0.02
5.19−27−15−20200L HPC head/body0.110.599
4.916−127179R MD Thal0.360.267
Cluster size5.3832−15−1612 710L/R HPC/Thal0.310.294r=0.32, p-corr=0.13
4.16-1−38386606L/R PCC/PrCu−0.030.900
  • Contrast: controls > patients; nuisance covariates: age, sex, TIV; voxel dimensions: 1 mm3 ; individual voxel threshold: p<0.001. The average GM volume from each cluster was extracted from each participant, residualised against age, sex, and TIV, and entered in a bivariate correlation analysis with the memory composite score. No correlation was noted with the GM volume of any cluster; hippocampal volume reduction strongly correlated with thalamic volume reduction in patients; p-corr: p values of the bivariate correlations conducted are adjusted for multiple testing using the Holm-Bonferroni sequential correction method, separately for the number of clusters disclosed in each of the four separate VBM analyses conducted.

  • GM, grey matter; HPC, hippocampus; L/R, left/right; MD, mediodorsal; PCC, posterior cingulate cortex; PrCu, precuneus; TIV, total intracranial volume; Thal, thalamus; VBM, voxel-based morphometry.