Table 2

Associations between neurofilament light chain and neuropsychological test scores

TestCorrelationMultivariate regression
Nrs P value β P value
BNT89−0.32 0.002* −0.34 0.002*
Categorical fluency110−0.170.08−0.140.14
Letter fluency66−0.030.83−0.14†0.28
Digit span1070.070.470.040.71
TMT-A84−0.23 0.04 −0.20†0.07
TMT-B78−0.30 0.007 −0.19†0.09
SCWT interference ratio520.120.390.08‡0.57
Word list immediate recall60−0.170.20−0.22§0.08
Word list delayed recall60−0.230.07−0.24§0.08
Clock drawing test300.230.230.21†0.30
Rey figure copy50−0.050.710.04†0.76
Rey figure delayed recall44−0.170.27−0.24†0.10
  • Multivariate regression is corrected for age, gender and laboratory. P<0.05 are in bold.

  • *Survived Bonferroni correction for multiple testing (p<0.004).

  • †Not corrected for laboratory as all samples were analysed in the same laboratory for these tests.

  • ‡After additional correction for version seconds to complete versus number correct: β=0.15, p=0.27.

  • §Similar results with additional correction for test version.

  • BNT, Boston Naming Test; SCWT, Stroop Color-Word Task; TMT, Trail-making Test.