Table 1

Regions showing lower local gyrification in preSxC9

Local gyrification index
ClusterAreaT valueMNI xMNI yMNI z
Left-sided Subgenual anterior cingulate (L) * 218.063.60−3.7929.66−9.49
Precentral (F) * 174.373.69−28.21−24.6162.59
Middle occipital (O)79.593.65−27.88−95.3411.38
Sup occipital (O)77.583.55−13.86−95.8919.84
Orbito frontal (F)57.513.52−23.1411.71−24.32
Ant insula (L)56.013.58−29.8722.84−7.97
Central sulcus (F-P)40.343.49−42.39−15.1233.48
Orbito frontal (F)27.443.55−41.3527.92−16.78
Right-sided Sup occipital (O) * 273.913.7632.38−73.1230.84
Inferior parietal (P) * 142.503.5434.03−40.3041.84
Sup occipital (O)109.243.5525.83−83.9425.06
Supramarginal (P)73.043.6252.27−33.9628.92
Angular (P)67.803.5950.63−57.9439.87
Postcentral (P)55.013.5254.09−19.8145.29
Supramarginal (P)51.113.5554.30−44.7043.17
Sup temporal (T)28.933.4551.19−54.9131.49
  • The table lists all clusters showing regions of reduced local gyrification index in preSxC9 (p<0.001 uncorrected). Regions in bold font and marked with ‘*’ remained significant after family-wise error correction. We also indicate the brain region to which each cluster belongs: frontal (F), temporal (T), parietal (P), occipital (O) or limbic (L). Clusters’ coordinates are listed in MNI305 space (fsaverage brain of FreeSurfer).