Table 1

Subject characteristics

Patients with SD, n=162Controls, n=65P value
Sex, n male (%)75 (46%)32 (49%)0.69
Age at CSF collection, years64 (58–68)65 (60–70)0.43
Age at onset, years60 (54–65)*n/an/a
Age at death, years69 (65–74)†n/an/a
MMSE score25 (21–28)‡n/an/a
CDR-SB score3.5 (2.5–4.8)§n/an/a
FTD-CDR-SB score4.0 (2.0–6.0)¶n/an/a
CSF NfL, pg/mL2326 (1628–3593)577 (446–766)<0.001
Isolated decreased abeta, n (%)8 (5%)n/an/a
Isolated increased p-tau and/or t-tau, n (%)61 (38%)n/an/a
MRI available at baseline (at follow-up), n 87 (32)n/an/a
  • Continuous variables are presented as medians (IQR).

  • *Unknown in five patients.

  • †30 patients were known to be deceased at time of data analysis.

  • ‡Available in 135 patients.

  • §Available in 65 patients.

  • ¶Available in 34 patients.

  • CDR-SB, Clinical Dementia Rating scale sum of boxes; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; FTD-CDR-SB, frontotemporal dementia CDR-SB; MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; NfL, neurofilament light chain; SD, semantic dementia; abeta, amyloid-β1-42; p-tau and/or t-tau, phospho-tau and/or total-tau.