Table 4

Volumes of the remaining thalamic nuclei in NMOSD patients and controls

Volume of thalamic nucleiNMOSDControlsComparison
Medial geniculate nucleus (mm3), mean±SD233.6±34.1233.2±37.5B=−0.49 (SE=5.18), p=0.925
Anterior nuclei (mm3), mean±SD177.9±41.9189.4±45.1B=−11.69 (SE=6.32), p=0.068
Central nuclei (mm3), mean±SD276.5±60.2273.1±56.5B=3.90 (SE=4.67), p=0.407
Lateral dorsal nucleus (mm3), mean±SD66.4±13.866.6±7.7B=−0.25 (SE=2.05), p=0.903
Lateral posterior nucleus (mm3), mean±SD521.4±77.2547.0±68.2B=−27.1 (SE=11.34), p=0.020
Medial dorsal nucleus (mm3), mean±SD1129.2±186.11131.2±376.6B=3.43 (SE=32.77), p=0.917
Pulvinar (mm3), mean±SD2022.0±376.62028.4±377.1B=11.17 (SE=54.91), p=0.839
Ventral anterior nucleus (mm3), mean±SD647.7±95.4670.6±111.2B=−22.32 (SE=14.19), p=0.120
Ventral lateral nucleus (mm3), mean±SD1007.2±114.51022.4±97.7B=−13.93 (SE=16.92), p=0.413
  • Note that all volumes are normalised using the SIENAX V-scaling factor and that the p values given are uncorrected for multiple comparisons. After correction for multiple comparisons, the lateral posterior nucleus was not smaller in NMOSD than controls (corrected p=0.180).

  • NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.