Table 2

Significant predictors of dementia in Parkinson’s disease by multivariable regression

Author (year) (reference number); methodVariableOR95% CIP value
Horvath et al (2013)33 Lewy body score >6*4.201.67 to 10.590.002
Multivariable logistic regression Braak-tau stage1.601.13 to 2.270.009
Irwin et al (2012)37 Total cortical Lewy score4.061.87 to 8.81<0.001
Stepwise-selection model building procedure APOE ε4 genotype4.191.28 to 13.750.018
Ruffmann et al (2016)54 Mean cortical Lewy score4.232.19 to 8.98<0.001
Multivariable logistic regression
  • *By 1996 McKeith criteria.86