Table 2

Detailed death-related information of included SUDEP cases

Pt. no.Baseline dateDate of deathAge at death (years)Place of deathPosition of deathSeizure before deathTime of death or found deathWitnessedNumber of seizures within 1 year before deathDeath description
12011/06/012014/03/2035BedroomSupineUnknown10:00 hoursNo4Living with his family, found dead at 10:00 hours
22011/02/212013/03/2722Living roomLatericumbentNo11:00 hoursYes10Sudden loss of consciousness at 11:00 hours, death confirmed at doctor's arrival
32011/06/282014/10/0528BedroomProneConfirmedNAYes11Sudden death during a seizure
42011/04/192013/03/1023BedroomNAConfirmed01:00 hoursYesNA*Seizure during sleep, found dead at 01:00 hours
52011/05/212012/11/2020BedroomLatericumbentSuspected10:00 hoursNo24Found dead at 10:00 hours with foaming in the mouth
  • *Seizure frequency 10/month at baseline.

  • SUDEP, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.