Table 4

Factors associated with size of oedema extension distance in an adjusted multivariable regression model

Coefficient95% CIP value
Female sex0.01−0.02 to 0.050.44
Time event to CT0.18
 Day 1 (reference)
 Day 20.07−0.008 to 0.14
 Day 30.04−0.07 to 0.15
ICH location<0.001
 Cerebellar (reference)
 Brainstem−0.08−0.21 to 0.06
 Deep0.160.07 to 0.24
 Lobar0.240.15 to 0.33
SBP (mm Hg)0.0002−0.0003 to 0.0010.49
OAC0.05−0.02 to 0.120.17
Antihypertensive medication−0.09−0.16 to −0.020.01
Platelet level (x109/L)0.0002−0.00005 to 0.00040.11
IV extension−0.03−0.07 to 0.0080.11
HP1-10.03−0.02 to 0.09
HP2-10.01−0.03 to 0.05
HP2-2 (reference)
 A:A (reference)
 A:G0.01−0.09 to 0.11
 G:G0.003−0.1 to 0.1
  • CNV, copy number variation; HP, haptoglobin; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage;OAC, oral anticoagulation; SBP, systolic blood pressure.