Table 2

Factors associated with unfavourable outcome after ICH in an adjusted multivariable regression model

OR95% CIP value
Age (years)1.041.02 to 1.06<0.001
Female sex2.311.58 to 3.37<0.001
Hypertension1.370.92 to 2.040.12
Diabetes mellitus1.180.71 to 1.970.52
Oral anticoagulation1.160.77 to 1.730.49
Antiplatelets1.080.7 to 1.690.72
Hypercholesterolaemia1.170.78 to 1.750.44
GCS on admission (binary)
 GCS 3–83.560.76 to 16.50.11
 GCS 9–15 (reference)
Cr ICH volume (mL)1.51.22 to 1.85<0.001
IV extension1.380.9 to 2.120.14
Surgical evacuation1.840.45 to 7.50.39
HP CNV0.78
HP1-11.170.67 to 2.03
HP2-10.970.65 to 1.45
HP2-2 (reference)
 A:A (reference)
 A:G1.190.43 to 3.3
 G:G1.390.5 to 3.84
  • CNV, copy number variant; Cr, cube root; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; HP, Haptoglobin; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage; IV, intraventricular.