Table 2

Treatment performed on patients with head injuries at deployed US-MTF and UK-MTF

GroupICD-9 procedure codesOPCS-4 procedure codesUS militaryUK militaryOther coalition militaryHost nation militaryHost nation civiliansAll
All head (excluding scalp)51728584298831915
Repair of brain, dura or meninges02.11–02.13, 02.92, 02.99A39.2–A39.91206688221441
Elevation skull fragment2.02V05.31281212110284546
Craniectomy or craniotomy01.23–01.25V03.1, V03.7, V03.831220352795931239
ICP monitor placement01.10, 01.26A11.3, A20.369324771192
  • Figures includes survivors and died of wounds only (killed in action excluded).

  • ICD-9, International Classification of Disease version 9; ICP, Intracranial Pressure; MTF, medical treatment facility; OPCS, Classification of Interventions and Procedures.