Table 3

Multiple logistic regression for all casualties with Injury Severity Score as a covariate in the regression model

SurvivorsORSEZP>z95% CI
ISS (baseline 0–2)1
 ISS on arrival: 3–1547.23110.74481.640.1000.4768189 to 4678.357
 ISS on arrival: 16–2445.29106.82781.620.1060.4452956 to 4607.922
 ISS on arrival: 25–750.01961690.0449918−1.710.0870.000219 to 1.757441
Moderate/severe TBI
 Baseline (no/mild TBI)1
 Moderate / severe TBI0.38902760.0398801−9.210.0000.3182159 to 0.4755969
Intracranial haemorrhage (ICH)
 Baseline (no hemmorhage)1
 ICH1.8667730.15769897.390.0001.581921 to 2.202918
Surgical decompression of ICH
 Baseline (no decompression)1
 Surgical decompression of ICH2.3568110.30356296.660.0001.830998 to 3.033622
Neurosurgeon present
 Baseline (not present)1
 Neurosurgeon present3.2840880.308093612.670.0002.732499 to 3.947021
  • ISS, Injury Severity Scores; TBI, traumatic brain injury.