Table 3

Relationship between NPTX2 and disease severity scores, obtained through multiple linear regression with square-root transformed NPTX2 as dependent variable, adjusting for age, gender, study site and, in analyses of MMSE, TMT-B and letter fluency, years of education

All mutation carriersSymptomatic mutation carriersPresymptomatic mutation carriers
 b (SE)1.21 (0.26)0.98 (0.29)1.58 (0.79)
 b (SE)−0.04 (0.01)−0.02 (0.02)−0.09 (0.04)
Phonemic verbal fluency
 b (SE)0.14 (0.05)0.15 (0.10)0.05 (0.08)
CDR plus FTD modules
 b (SE)−0.85 (0.19)−0.72 (0.24)−1.19 (1.67)
 b (SE)−0.13 (0.03)−0.10 (0.04)−0.02 (0.14)
  • P values are before multiple testing correction; p values marked with an asterisk remained significant after Bonferroni correction. b indicates unstandardised regression coefficient; β indicates standardised regression coefficient.

  • CBI-R, Revised Cambridge Behavioural Inventory; CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating scale; MMSE, Mini Mental State Examination; TMT-B, Trail Making Test part B.