Table 3

Description of the prominent features (seen in at least 50% of the patients) included in the classification analysis that statistically define the four clinical groups

GroupsLE/− n=18LE/+n=11PNH/+ n=16PNH/− n=11
Prominent features (%)
Memory impairment88.9100
Temporal lobe epilepsy94.490.9
Dysexecutive syndrome77.863.6
Behavioural disorders63.6
Permanent cerebellar ataxia72.7
Paroxysmal cerebellar ataxia54.5
Altered general state72.775.0
Weight loss72.756.2
Severe signs of PNH on ENMG10054.5
Generalised motor symptoms81.3
Functional impairment due to PNH motor symptoms75.0
Severe dysautonomia68.8
Neuropathic pain75.054.5
Hyperkinetic movement disorders50.0
  • ENMG, electroneuromyography; LE, limbic encephalitis; PNH, peripheral nerve hyperexcitability.