Table 7

Adverse events

Adverse eventTransientPermanent
Surgery related
 Lead/wound infection10
 cerebral contusion1*0
 Nocturnal enuresis20
 Hardware related01
Stimulation related
 Controlateral motor contraction10
 Ipsilateral monocular deviation10
 Suicidal ideation2†0
 Suicide attempt (voluntary drug intoxication)1
 Behavioural disinhibition40
 Insomnia restless legs syndrome2
Not related to DBS
 Diabetes type 201‡
 Osteomuscular pain20
  • *Left thalamic contusion responsible for mild dysarthria.

  • †Occurred at 6 months and 9 months postoperatively.

  • ‡Discovered at a 9-month follow-up.

  • DBS, deep brain stimulation.