Table 1

Scoring of global cerebral SVD burden, hypertensive arteriopathy and cerebral amyloid angiopathy scores

Global SVD (Staals et al)27 Hypertensive arteriopathyCerebral amyloid angiopathy
One point per criterion metWMHPeriventricular WMH=3 and/or deep WMH=2 or 3Deep WMH=2 or 3Periventricular WMH=3 and/or deep WMH=2 or 3
EPVSEPVS rating in basal ganglia ≥2EPVS rating in basal ganglia ≥2EPVS rating in centrum semiovale ≥2
CMBCMB presentDeep CMB presentLobar CMB present
LacunesLacunes presentDeep lacunes presentLobar lacunes present
  • CMB, cerebral microbleeds; EPVS, enlarged perivascular spaces; SVD, small vessel disease; WMH, white matter hyperintensities.