Table 2

Effect sizes for pre–post comparisons in PDT studies

DomainStudyMeasurePopulationSampleEffect sizes (pre–post)
Treatment end6-month follow-up12-month follow-up
Physical symptomsReuber 200726 PHQ-15All FND910.120.17
Hinson 200625 PMDRSMotor FND101.26
Mayor 201027 PHQ-15PNES47NC
Seizure freq.NC
Mayor 201027 SF-36 (P)NC
Hubschmid 201529 SDQ-20All FND110.84*1.07**
Mental healthReuber 200726 COREAll FND910.270.31
Russell 201630 BSIPNES280.69
Hinson 200625 Ham-DMotor FND102.08
Mayor 201027 COREPNES47NC
SF-36 (M)NC
Kompoliti 201428 Ham-DMotor FND70.510.57
Hubschmid 201529 CGIAll FND11−0.16*0.22*0.73*
SF-36 (M)0.831.352.09
Well-beingReuber 200726 SF-36All FND910.320.41
Hubschmid 201529 SF-36All FND110.53−1.371.04
FunctionHinson 200625 PMDRS (F)Motor FND101.08
Mayor 201027 EmploymentPNES47NC
Hubschmid 201529 RankinAll FND110.69*1.16*0.97*
Resource useMayor 201027 Healthcare usePNES47NC
Hubschmid 201529 Hospital daysAll FND11−1.68**
A&E use1.56**
Russell 201630 Doctor visitsPNES280.32
Doctor cost0.35
Hospital visits0.55
Hospital days0.42
Hospital cost0.42
  • *Calculated using OR.

  • A&E, Accident and Emergency; BAI, Beck Anxiety Inventory; BDI, Beck Depression Inventory; BSI, Brief Symptom Inventory; CGI, Clinical Global Impression; CORE, Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation; FND, functional neurological disorder; GAF, Global Assessment of Function; Ham-D, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; MADRS, Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale; NC, not calculable; PDT, psychodynamic therapy; PHQ-15, 15-item Patient Health Questionnaire; PMDRS, Psychogenic Movement Disorders Rating Scale (F=function subscore); PNES, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures; SDQ-20, 20-item Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire; SF36, 36-item Short Form health survey (M=mental health subscore/P=physical subscore).