Table 2

Adjusted association between childhood trauma and depression (n=356)

OR*95% CIP value
Marital status: married or living as a couple0.590.34–1.030.06
Socioeconomic class0.03
Higher managerial, administrative occupations1
Lower managerial, administrative occupations1.570.76–3.20
Intermediate occupations, employers, own account, technical, routine occupation2.941.40–6.17
Never worked or long-term unemployed1.560.57–4.30
BMI: overweight or obese1.620.91–2.870.1
Hypertension (treated or SBP>140)1.190.62–2.310.6
Diabetes (treated or declared or glycaemia >7 mmol/L)2.030.58–7.180.27
Traumatic events before age 16 (at least one)2.521.33–4.800.005
  • *Adjusted for other variables in the table.

  • BMI, body mass index; SBP, systolic blood pressure.