Table 4

Association between childhood trauma and current cognitive performance

Dependent variablesExposure to traumatic event
Mean (SEM)*
Mean (SEM)*
P value
Working memory: time difference between double task and simple task (milliseconds)−414.3 (431.9)25.2 (192.9)0.33
Form matching: mean time for correct responses (milliseconds)5781.9 (214.3)5713.4 (95.7)0.76
Phoneme comprehension: mean time for correct responses (milliseconds)1556.7 (41.7)1500.9 (18.64)0.20
Name-face associations: number of names correctly recalled4.71 (0.28)5.05 (0.13)0.24
Verbal fluency: number of correct answers27.80 (0.89)27.78 (0.39)0.98
Narrative recall: number of correct answers12.73 (0.61)12.79 (0.27)0.92
Descriptive recall: number of correct answers11.70 (0.58)12.42 (0.26)0.24
Implicit memory: difference between learnt and new items1.20 (0.10)1.03 (0.05)0.13
  • *Adjusted for education level, gender and age.