Table 1

Demographical and clinical data at baseline

AHSCT (n=69)ALZ (n=75)P value
Centre (n)
Sex (n)
Age (years)30 (IQR 26–37)35 (IQR 30–41)0.005*
Disease duration (years)6.4 (±5.7)7.0 (±5.4)0.5*
Number of previous treatments (n)2 (IQR 1–3)2 (IQR 1–3)0.8**
 Treatment naive811
 Glatiramer acetate135
 Interferon beta3736
ARR 1 year prior to treatment1.4 (±1.2)0.54 (±0.81)<0.0001*
Baseline EDSS3 (IQR 2–4)2 (IQR 1–2.5)<0.0001**
Baseline ARMSSS6.1 (IQR 4.2–7.3)4.1 (2.0–5.5)<0.0001**
  • *Student’s t-test, **Mann-Whitney’s test, ***χ² test.

  • AHSCT, autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; ALZ, alemtuzumab; ARMSSS, age-related multiple sclerosis severity score; ARR, annualised relapse rate.