Table 1

Cognitive tests included in the Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research traumatic brain injury battery, the domains that they primarily assess, and the specific measures that were used in analyses

CANTAB Paired Associate LearningVisual learning and memoryTotal errors adjusted (ie, errors for all trials, allowing for trials not completed)
Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning TaskVerbal learning and memoryTotal correct words recalled for the 15-item principal list over 5 trials
Trail Making Test AAttention and processing speedTime to draw lines between 25 numbers in sequence (s)
Trail Making Test BAttention and processing speed, task switchingTime to draw lines in alternating sequence between 13 numbers and 12 letters (s)
CANTAB Choice Reaction TimeProcessing speedMedian decision time for correct responses (ms)
Motor speedMedian movement time for correct responses (ms)
CANTAB Rapid Visual ProcessingSustained attentionA’ (A prime): accuracy of target detection calculated from hits and correct rejections
Sustained attentionLatency of correct responses (ms)
CANTAB Attention Switching TaskAttention, task switchingTotal correct responses
Attention, task switchingMedian latency of correct responses (ms)
CANTAB Spatial Working MemoryStrategy and working memoryBetween errors: number times a search is incorrectly repeated for the same location.
CANTAB Stockings of CambridgePlanning, problem solvingTrials solved in the minimum possible moves
  • CANTAB, Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery.