Table 3

Results from pathway analysis using the four differentially expressed microRNAs as input

CategoryKEGG pathwayP value microT-CDSP value TarBase
CancerProteoglycans in cancer 7.941e-4 4.259e-8
MicroRNAs in cancer 1.386e-3 3.356e-8
Glioma6.554e-2 1.423e-2
Renal cell carcinoma 1.098e-2 9.254e-2
Small cell lung cancer3.220e-1 3.341e-2
Cell signalling/apoptosisHippo signalling pathway 4.556e-2 5.622e-4
TGF-beta signalling pathway5.008e-2 9.288e-4
Thyroid hormone signalling pathway 2.132e-3 1.502e-2
FoxO signalling pathway2.368e-1 1.449e-2
Neurotrophin signalling pathway 9.801e-3 3.113e-1
Intermediary metabolismLysine degradation 1.606e-2 7.882e-4
Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - lacto and neolacto series 3.885e-10 4.423e-2
MeiosisOocyte meiosis2.487e-1 2.446e-3
  • Only significant pathways for at least one approach are shown. Statistically significant p values are in bold.

  • KEGG, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.