Table 3

Neuronal Autoantibody Confidence Scale*

Clinical/laboratory factorScore
Ab against intracellular antigen (or high clinical relevance surface antibody)1
Movement disorder and/or stiff person syndrome1
Cancer and/or smoking history1
Inflammatory CSF (either high cell count, IgG index and/or positive OCBs)1
Serum hyponatraemia1
Chronic course (>3 months)†−1
  • Modified from Abboud et al. 33

  • *Based on a study in patients tested for the original Mayo Clinic Paraneoplastic panel not the Autoimmune Encephalitis Panel.

  • †Although chronic course is rare in autoimmune encephalitis, patients with leucine-rich glioma inactivated-1, CASPR2 and IgLON5-antibodies can have a chronic course.

  • Ab, antibody; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; OCBs, oligoclonal bands.