Table 2

Characteristics of participants with behavioural variant of Alzheimer’s disease and typical Alzheimer’s disease in the postmortem study

CaseDxSexAge at deathDisease duration (months)Dx neuro-path.ABC scoreBrain weight (g)Cause of deathPMI (hours)CAACVDLBTDPARTAG
1bvADF5834ADA3 B2 C31127Dehydration5.25AbsentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsent
2bvADF7513ADA3 B3 C31230Cardiac arrest15.0AbsentUnknownAbsentAbsentPresent
3bvADM5857ADA3 B3 C31195Cachexia5.25PresentPresentAmyg & subst. nigraAbsentPresent
4bvADM7463ADA3 B3 C31230Cachexia3.42PresentAbsentAmygdalaAbsentPresent
5bvADM6757ADA3 B3 C31263Euthanasia8.33AbsentPresentAmygdalaAbsentPresent
A3 B3 C3973Epilepsy3.75PresentPresentLimbicAbsentPresent
7bvADF64104ADA3 B3 C3860Pneumonia7.17PresentPresentAmygdalaAbsentPresent
8bvADF70143ADA3 B3 C3870Sepsis4.00PresentAbsentEntorhinalAbsentPresent
M 50% m 66.6 (6.0) 75.1 (43.0) 1093.5 (156.7) 6.52 (3.58) 5 4 6 0 7
9tADM74n/aADA3 B3 C3930Pneumonia5.17PresentAbsentAbsentAbsentPresent
10tADF6670ADA3 B3 C3915Pneumonia, cachexia4.20AbsentAbsentAmygdalaAbsentPresent
11tADF68125ADA3 B3 C3835Dehydration5.00PresentPresentAmygdala & temporalHip & amyg (LATE-NC)Present
12tADM7010ADA3 B3 C31400Cachexia, dehydration3.17PresentPresentAbsentHip & amyg (LATE-NC)Present
13tADF73≥36ADA3 B3 C3970Cachexia4.17PresentAbsentAmygdalaAbsentPresent
14tADF6934ADA3 B3 C31065Urosepsis6.17PresentPresentAbsentAbsentPresent
15tADF64288ADA3 B3 C3760Cachexia6.50AbsentPresentAmygdalaHip & amyg (LATE-NC)Present
M 29% m 69.1 (3.3) 93.8 (94.2) 982.1 (180.2) 4.91 (1.09) 5 4 4 3 7
  • ABC score, amyloid, Braak CERAD criteria; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; ARTAG, aging-related tau astrogliopathy; bvAD, behavioral variant Alzheimer’s disease; CAA, cerebral amyloid angiopathy; CVD, cerebral vascular disease; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; F, female; LB, Lewy bodies; M, male; MMSE, mini mental state examination; n/a or, not available; PMI, postmortem interval in hours; tAD, typical Alzheimer’s disease; TDP, TAR DNA binding protein.