Table 3

Regression model for analysing time to confirmed worsening of disability

Time to first confirmed worsening of disabilityHR95% CIP value
Sex (male (57) vs female (113; ref.))0.7680.400 to 1.4730.427
Age (<34 years (84; ref.) vs ≥34 years (86))1.3120.703 to 2.4470.394
Annualised relapse rate at baseline1.2390.879 to 1.7480.221
Baseline-EDSS0.9720.750 to 0.12600.829
Disease duration since onset (yrs)0.9640.905 to 1.0270.258
Last previous DMT (naïve=ref. (35)) basic (52)0.8550.279 to 2.6150.783
NTZs (21)1.5330.349 to 6.7230.571
NTZa (29)2.920.868 to 8.3490.086
FTY (33)7.6762.870 to 20.534 <0.001
  • Results from our Cox proportional hazard model using an enter method to integrate all covariates in the final analysis. For analysis of age as a covariate, we split our group according to the median. Reference categories are indicated for categorical covariates. Numbers in brackets in the first column indicate sample numbers for the respective covariate.

  • DMT, disease-modifying treatment; EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; FTY, fingolimod; NTZa, natalizumab (previously active); NTZs, natalizumab (stable subgroup).