Table 4

Cerebellar peduncle profiles in HC and ALS

Anatomical regionDiffusivity indexEstimated marginal mean±SE for groupsStatistics
HC, n=110ALS-NEG, n=133ALS-C9, n=22Univariate effect sizeHC vs ALS-NEGHC vs ALS-C9
Left superior
cerebellar peduncle
AD×10−3 1.367±0.0071.370±0.0071.384±0.017η2p=0.0031.0001.000
RD×10−3 0.473±0.0050.490±0.0050.502±0.012η2p=0.0300.0570.086
Right superior
cerebellar peduncle
FA0.592±0.0040.576±0.0030.574±0.009η2p=0.041 0.005 0.148
AD×10−3 1.374±0.0081.386±0.0071.422±0.017η2p=0.0250.739 0.033
RD×10−3 0.488±0.0050.513±0.0050.532±0.012η2p=0.068 0.001 0.002
Left inferior
cerebellar peduncle
FA0.482±0.0040.464±0.0030.450±0.008η2p=0.072 0.001 0.001
AD×10−3 1.079±0.0061.092±0.0051.084±0.013η2p=0.0090.4041.000
RD×10−3 0.495±0.0050.519±0.0040.540±0.011η2p=0.077 0.001 <0.001
Right inferior
cerebellar peduncle
FA0.479±0.0040.458±0.0030.436±0.008η2p=0.112 <0.001 <0.001
AD ×10−3 1.079±0.0061.084±0.0051.050±0.012η2p=0.0241.0000.104
RD ×10−3 0.492±0.0040.518±0.0040.529±0.010η2p=0.081 <0.001 0.003
cerebellar peduncle
FA0.502±0.0030.490±0.0030.485±0.006η2p=0.043 0.008 0.052
AD ×10−3 1.052±0.0051.053±0.0041.039±0.010η2p=0.0061.0000.731
RD ×10−3 0.455±0.0030.466±0.0030.468±0.007η2p=0.028 0.034 0.274
  • Estimated marginal mean±SE for diffusivity values (FA, AD, RD) adjusted for age and gender.

  • Wilks’ lambda=0.703; F=3.164; p<0.001; η2p=0.162.

  • Bold p values are significant at p<0.05 after Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons.

  • Partial η2 effect size is interpreted as small (η2p=0.01), medium (η2p=0.06) or large (η2p=0.14).

  • AD, axial diffusivity; ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; ALS-C9, patients who tested positive for GGGGCC repeat expansions in C9orf72; ALS-NEG, patients who tested negative for both ATXN2 and C9orf72; FA, fractional anisotropy; HC, healthy control; RD, radial diffusivity.