Table 1

Baseline demographic, VEP, OCT and conventional MRI metrics

VariablePatients with MSHealthy controls
Mean age in years (SD)36.8 (7.1)36.0 (9.4)
Age range (years)25.0–54.222.2–55.4
Disease phenotype*RMS (100%)
Mean disease duration from diagnosis (SD) (years)5.3 (4.6)
Mean disease duration from symptom onset (SD) (years)7.1 (4.8)
Clinical relapses (SD), median (range)
 Previous 12 months1.2 (1.2), 1 (0–5)
 Previous 24 months2.0 (2.0), 2 (0–8)
 Total previous relapses4.8 (2.8), 4 (1–10)
Previous optic neuritis (ON) (%)
 Yes12/30 (40)
 No17/30 (57)
 Unknown1/30 (3)
Mean EDSS (SD)2.8 (1.4)
EDSS range0.0–6.0
Mean Mars letter contrast sensitivity score1.631.76
Mean mfVEP latency (SD) (ms)161.72 (14.09)149.33 (8.44)
Mean mfVEP latency in ON eyes (SD) (ms)168.54 (17.15)
Mean mfVEP latency in non-ON eyes (SD) (ms)159.83 (14.141)
Mean global RNFL thickness (SD) (µm)84.19 (9.18)91.77 (7.78)
Mean RNFL thickness in ON eyes (SD) (µm)78.23 (11.17)
Mean RNFL thickness in non-ON eyes (SD) (µm)85.98 (8.82)
Mean normalised thalamic volume total (SD) (mL)18.67 (2.33)20.85 (1.25)
Mean normalised brain volume (SD) (mL)1494.74 (88.00)1543.58 (66.23)
Normalised brain volume range (mL)1251.95–1653.181435.89–1696.58
Mean T2 lesion number† (SD)44.3 (31.7)
Mean T2 lesion volume† (SD) (mL)11.08 (8.81)
Mean gad lesion number (SD), range5.7 (16.3), 0–83
Mean gad lesion volume (SD) (mL)0.44 (1.29)
Mean OR T2 chronic lesion volume (SD) (mL)R: 0.61 (0.52)
L: 0.66 (0.51)
  • *McDonald 2010 criteria.

  • †Excludes lesions <3 mm3.

  • EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale; gad, gadolinium; mfVEP, multifocal VEP; MS, multiple sclerosis; OCT, optical coherence tomography; OR, optic radiation; RMS, relapsing MS; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; VEP, visual evoked potential.