Table 2

Results from Firth’s Bias-Reduced logistic regression analysis on admission for suicide attempt

B (SE)OR95% CI for OR (lower)95% CI for OR (upper)P value
Against concurrent diagnosis of epilepsy and PNES
Epilepsy−1.07 (0.33)0.340.180.68<0.01
PNES−0.29 (0.32)0.740.411.460.37
Epilepsy−0.94 (0.33)0.400.210.790.01
PNES−0.27 (0.32)0.750.411.480.40
Post hoc analysis: against PNES
Epilepsy−0.77 (0.15)0.460.340.61<0.001
Epilepsy−0.66 (0.15)0.520.380.70<0.001
  • Presented as beta values (B) and their Standard Errors (SE), Odds Ratios (OR) with 95% Confidence Intervals (CI), and significance value (p value).

  • *Unadjusted model includes lifetime diagnosis as the only model predictor, without any additional covariates.

  • †Adjusted for gender and ethnicity. The ORs are the total effect of lifetime diagnosis through all causal pathways including age, previous suicidal ideation, other psychiatric diagnoses, lives alone and antidepressants prescription in the year before admission for suicide attempt.

  • PNES, psychogenic nonepileptic seizures.