Table 2

SNPs meeting a threshold of 1×10e-6 from the genome wide association study meta-analysis for each data-driven cluster

ChrPosition (GRCh37)MarkerA1A2Nearest geneBetaSEP value
Cluster 1
1237 734 615rs151043031CTCRYR20.590.129.986e-07
6160 698 177rs316037GASLC22A20.600.129.867e-07
6160 699 605rs5881357ATASLC22A20.600.126.337e-07
Cluster 2—no SNPs met threshold
Cluster 3
1214 449 747rs116258323TCSMYD21.620.336.715e-07
Cluster 4—no SNPs met threshold
  • A1, effect allele; A2, other allele; Chr, chromosome; SE, SE error; SNPs, single-nucleotide polymorphisms.