Table 1

Summary of clinical characteristics

NoSex/age (years)Vaccine (dose)LateralityDays from vaccination to symptom onset/nadirWeakest muscle strength at nadir (MRC)MRICSF analysis*TreatmentOutcome
1M/31JanssenIpsilateral6/7IIIProminent ipsilateral axillary and cervical lymph nodesWBC 0, protein 70NoneFull recovery by week 1
2M/37JanssenIpsilateral14/14IV+NormalNDOral prednisolone, gabapentinNear-full recovery by week 10
(first dose)
Ipsilateral16/35IIISignal changes and enlargement from the C8 root to the inferior trunk, prominent ipsilateral cervical and axillary lymph nodesWBC 2, protein 57Oral prednisolone, gabapentinPoor recovery by week 15
(first dose)
Ipsilateral14/14IIINDNDNonePoor recovery by week 4, lost to follow-up thereafter
(first dose)
Ipsilateral5/6IIIProminent ipsilateral axillary lymph nodesNDNoneFull recovery within 2 months
(second dose)
Ipsilateral2/3IISignal changes and enlargement from the C8 root to the inferior trunk and medial cord, prominent cervical and axillary lymph nodesNDOral prednisolonePartial recovery by month 5
7F/31Cross-vaccination (AstraZeneca and then Pfizer)†Ipsilateral2/10IVProminent ipsilateral axillary and cervical lymph nodesNDNoneFull recovery by week 3
(first dose)
Contralateral4/16IIINormalNDNSAIDs, fentanyl patch, IVMPGood response to IVMP
(first dose)
Ipsilateral5/30IINDNDOral prednisolone, pregabalinPoor recovery by week 8
(first dose)
(ipsilateral axillary lymphadenopathy in ultrasonography)
NDOral prednisolone, pregabalinPartial recovery within week 6
(first dose)
Bilateral15 NAIVNormalNDPregabalin, nortriptyline, NSAIDsPoor recovery by month 6
(first dose)
Ipsilateral7/14IVProminent ipsilateral axillary lymph nodesWBC 1, protein 76IVMP followed by oral prednisolone, gabapentinPoor recovery by week 8
  • *Values were expressed as cells/μL (WBC) and mg/dL (protein).

  • †Parsonage-Turner syndrome occurred 2 days after Pfizer vaccination following initial AstraZeneca vaccination.

  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; F, female; IVMP, intravenous methylprednisolone; M, male; MRC, Medical Research Council; ND, not done; NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; WBC, white blood cell.