Table 4

Neurodegenerative disease subtypes among former international rugby players compared with a matched population comparison group

Neurodegenerative diseaseHR/OR
(95% CI)
P value
Dementia (NOS)2.17 (1.26 to 3.72)0.005*
Parkinson’s disease3.04 (1.51 to 6.10)0.002*
MND/ALS‡15.17 (2.10 to 178.96)0.009†
  • *Cox proportional hazards regression.

  • †Baptista-Pike mid-p odds ratio.

  • ‡MND/ALS adjusted to accommodate zero events by transferring one general population observation from no event to event.

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; MND, motor neuron disease; NOS, not otherwise specified.