Table 2

EAN/PNS electrodiagnostic criteria applied to control patients based on their clinical neuropathy presentation and consistent with the EAN/PNS clinical criteria for typical CIDP or its variants

Clinical diagnosis of control patients;
(n of control patients)
Set of EAN/PNS electrodiagnostic criteria applied in each control patient;
(n of control patients)
Diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (17)
Chemotherapy-induced sensorimotor polyneuropathy (8)
Idiopathic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (4)
Vitamin B12 deficiency sensorimotor polyneuropathy (3)
Paraproteinemic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (2)
EDX criteria for distal CIDP (34)
Vasculitic sensorimotor multineuropathy (5)EDX criteria for multifocal CIDP (5)
Diabetic sensory polyneuropathy (55)
Chemotherapy-induced sensory polyneuropathy (33)
Idiopathic sensory polyneuropathy (22)
Vasculitic sensory polyneuropathy (8)
Paraproteinemic sensory polyneuropathy (3)
Vitamin B12 deficiency polyneuropathy (2)
EDX criteria for sensory CIDP (123)
Idiopathic motor polyneuropathy (4)EDX criteria for motor CIDP (4)
  • CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy; EAN/PNS, european academy of neurology/peripheral nerve society; EDX, electrodiagnostic; EFNS/PNS, european federation of neurological societies/peripheral nerve society; N, number.