Table 1

Demographic, clinical and laboratory features of healthy controls (HCs), interstitial lung disease (IPF) and patients with COVID included in the study

Sex (male %)36%75%62%<0.001
Age (years) (median, IQR)52.5, 31.25–6972, 64–7871, 58–82<0.001
% of patients with heart failureNA0%16%NS
% of patients with hypertensionNA46%35%NS
% of patients with COPDNA0%8%NS
% of patients with type two diabetesNA10%15%NS
% of current smoker patients—% ex-smokersNA0%–61%4%–35%NS
Neutrophils/lymphocytes ratio (median, IQR)NANA5.88, 2,90–10,90NA
Total monocytes (median, IQR)NANA0.51×103/mmc, 0,32–0.73×103/mmcNA
Total basophils (median, IQR)NANA0.02×103/mmc, 0.01–0.03×103/mmcNA
C reactive protein (median, IQR)NANA5.40 mg/dL, 2.09–12.36 mg/dLNA
PO2/FiO2 ratio (median, IQR)NANA2.18, 1.58–3.13NA
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NA, not applicable; NS, not significant.