Table 1

Demographic, clinical characteristics and number of nerves examined with nerve conduction study in CIDP patients and controls

CIDP patients
Control patients
Gender, male, n (%)220/330 (67%)114/166 (69%)
Age at onset, mean (SD)47.9 (17)61.9 (13)
N of motor nerves examined at NCS, mean (range)5.6 (2–8)*; 5.7 (2–8) †
4.5 (2–8)
N of sensory nerves examined at NCS, mean (range)4.1 (0–6)* ; 4.3 (2–6)†3.4 (2–6)
Response to treatment, n (%)250/295 (85%)
Increased CSF proteins/tested, n (%)197/259 (76%)
Nerve biopsy; positive/tested, n (%)11/29 (38%)
Nerve imaging; positive/tested, n (%)36/46 (78%)
INCAT at enrolment, mean (range)2.6 (0–10)
  • * Patients included in the analyses of the EFNS/PNS criteria.

  • † Patients included in the analyses of the EAN/PNS criteria.

  • CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; EAN/PNS, european academy of neurology/peripheral nerve society; EFNS/PNS, european federation of neurological societies/peripheral nerve society; INCAT, inflammatory neuropathy cause and treatment disability scale; NCS, nerve conduction studies; N, number.