Table 2

Differences in resting-state FC

Brain regionBrodmann areaNumber of voxels in the clusterPeak MNI coordinatesT-value
Reduced FC in ALS (contrast ALS<HC)
B primary sensory cortexBA 195−12−40775.21
B premotor+supplementary motor areaBA 64836−4594.60
R putamen3430524.03
R temporal poleBA 3838458−253.80
R inferior frontal gyrusBA 47341820−283.70
Increased FC in ALS (contrast ALS>HC)
No suprathreshold clusters
  • T-values and coordinates in MNI standard space are reported (T; x,y,z).

  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; B, bilateral; BA, Brodmann area; FC, functional connectivity; HC, healthy controls; MNI, Montreal Neurological Institute; R, right.