Table 1

Participant demographics and clinical characteristics

Participant characteristicsALSHealthy controlsp-value
Number of participants5252
Sex (n): male/female34/1825/27NS
Age (years)
 Median (range)57.5 (33.0–78.0)56.0 (29.0–69.0)
Education (number of years)
 Median (range)15 (4–28)16.25 (11–28)
Onset (n)
El Escorial clinical diagnosis category (n)
 Definite ALS11
 Probable ALS19
 Probable ALS-lab supported9
 Possible ALS12
Revised ALS Functional Rating Scale Score (/48)
 Median (range)40 (22–47)
Symptom duration (months)
 Median (range)21.5 (7.8–57.4)
Foot tapping frequencies (taps/10 s)
 Median (range)23 (0–64)40 (24–62)
Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioral ALS Screen total (/136)
 Median (range)106 (53–127)114 (62–134)
  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.