Table 2

Comparing the relationship between different life course models of physical activity with cognitive function at age 69

Physical activity life course modelACE-III, age 69Word learning test, age 69Visual search speed, age 69
fP valuefP valuefP value
Saturated modelReferenceReferenceReference
No effect12.42<0.0113.11<0.012.61<0.01
Sensitive period 1 (ages 36–43)10.70<0.0110.05<0.012.70<0.01
Sensitive period 2 (age 53)3.37<0.016.31<0.012.510.02
Sensitive period 3 (ages 60–69)8.60<0.016.92<0.011.920.07
Best model* Accumulation Accumulation Accumulation
  • All models are adjusted for sex.

  • Categories at three age spans were chosen to represent physical activity in the life course and expressed in binary form (inactive vs moderately/most active). The ‘saturated model’ is the most complicated model that contains all parameters.

  • *Higher (less significant) p values indicate that the life course model assessed fits the data as well as the reference model; The lower the f value, the better the model fit.

  • ACE-III, Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination.