Table 4

Longitudinal changes of levodopa-equivalent doses (LEDs) according to CPV for 2 years

VariablesEstimates (SE)P value
Intercept−186.84 (85.24)0.029
Age at symptom onset5.39 (0.71)<0.001
Female−7.43 (13.11)0.572
Disease duration1.02 (0.43)0.020
Motor subtype
 PIGD/indeterminate23.83 (13.16)0.071
DAT availability in the posterior putamen−69.47 (14.20)<0.001
BMI3.30 (2.36)0.162
WMH volume6.19 (6.61)0.350
CPV−22.19 (15.10)0.142
Time, years176.25 (14.39)<0.001
CPV×time 19.86 (9.53) 0.037
  • Results of linear mixed models for LED after controlling for age of symptom onset, sex, disease duration, motor subtype, DAT availability in the posterior putamen, BMI, WMH volume, CPV, time and CPV×time.

  • BMI, body mass index CPV, choroid plexus volume; DAT, dopamine transporter; PIGD, postural instability and gait difficulty; TD, tremor dominant; WMH, white matter hyperintensity.