Table 1

Genetic correlations between IDP and ALS

rgP valuergP value
Mean intra-cellular volume fraction in corticospinal tract on fractional anisotrophy skeletonEmbedded Image0.2660.0240.3110.007
Mean intensity of thalamus-proper generated by subcortical volume segmentationEmbedded Image0.1860.0300.1980.013
Mean isotropic or free water volume fraction in posterior limb of internal capsule on fractional anisotrophy skeletonEmbedded Image0.3160.0240.3800.008
Volume of grey matter in planum polareEmbedded Image0.2560.0060.2300.014
Grey-white contrast in precentral calculated as a percentage of mean grey-white matter intensity from Desikan-Killiany parcellationEmbedded Image−0.2480.005−0.2430.006
  • ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; IDP, imaging-derived phenotype; rg, genetic correlation.