JNNP 100: A centenary of publishing neuroscience achievement

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In 2020, JNNP reaches a significant milestone—100 continuous years of publishing the innovations, medical breakthroughs and trailblazing studies that have made it the go-to journal across the clinical neurosciences.

Unlike other journals that increasingly narrow their focus, JNNP continues to be liberal in its coverage across the clinical neurosciences. Critically, JNNP is the only journal that ranks in the highest tier across the individual realms of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, traversing journal metrics, impact factors, Eigenfactors and pure clinical impact.

To mark this prodigious century JNNP is asking readers to choose the most important or transformative development in neurology, neurosurgery or psychiatry in the past 100 years.

Voting closes on 31st May 2020.



Auto-immune Disease – Unlocking disease pathophysiology; introduction of novel therapies

Brain Imaging – The development and application of imaging techniques

Multiple Sclerosis – The evolution of new therapy

Neurogenetics – The discovery of causal genes

Neuropsychiatry – The introduction of therapies

Neurosurgery – The advent of Deep Brain Stimulation

Neurosurgery – The introduction of the microscope and microsurgical techniques

Neurotransmission – The discovery of ion channels and the electrical properties of axons

Parkinson’s Disease – The efficacy of L-Dopa therapy

Stroke – Introduction of thrombolysis and endovascular recanalisation therapy


Throughout 2020 JNNP is publishing a series of articles to celebrate its centenary and these will be added to the collections as they appear online.